Monday 28 August 2023

Bohemian vintage ring with purple glass and faux pearls

 A vintage ring from Bohemia

If you follow my blog, I love brooches but very occasionally I come across rings in the car boot and table top sales I attend that catch my eye. This pretty vintage ring originated in Bohemia. Aged about 1930s. It is in brass that was originally gold plated but has worn on the adjustable band. It has a square glass faceted stone with a surround of faux white pearl beads. Very tiny beads that have been strung onto thread and glued to the outside. Some loss to their pearl coating now, but not bad for about 90 years old. Brilliant glue though to last this long!. The purple stone is held in place by prongs and the wire band is slightly miss - shaped from the last person who wore it. Brought from a car boot sale and now in my own collection.

Bohemian vintage ring 1930s

Bohemian vintage ring 1930s - side view

The ring is unsigned as with most vintage rings I have found in the past. If only vintage jewellery could talk. I wonder what tales they would tell. The Second World War who wore it then. Who brought this ring and where did it live and travel? It ended up in a Chelford, Knutsford, England car boot sale before I brought it. Not cleaned as yet, but now nestled in my own Bohemian jewellery collection.  

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