Monday 28 August 2023

Enamel tortoise brooch in red, yellow and black

 Pretty enamel tortoise brooch in red yellow and black

Just one of the latest finds at a car boot. This pretty vintage style tortoise brooch. It is a silver metal costume jewellery piece with enamel detail on the shell of red, golden yellow and black pattern. Think this is a modern version of the 1980s brooches. It has a roll over clasp fastening

Enamel tortoise brooch

Enamel tortoise brooch back view
It is unsigned and probably made in China.
I am no longer selling jewellery, but still collect the occasional piece. This tortoise was brought at a car boot because my one grandson likes animals, birds, reptile, fish etc and so I tend to buy reptile jewellery when I see something that catches my eye and at a small price.

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