Tuesday 19 September 2023

Mizpah Grouse bird foot brooch

 Mizpah grouse bird foot brooch with an amber glass rhinestone

Picked this vintage grouse foot brooch up at a local car boot sale recently. Haven't seen one in ages that hasn't been damaged with claws missing. Once very popular in the pre 1980s to Victorian period. This is a real birds claw and the birds were bred for game purposes. Hunting this bird for sport and for food was once very popular. The bird's claw was then preserved to use for jewellery. Traditionally wearing this grouse brooch is said to bring you good luck when hunting and was a favourite for wearing as a little reminder of Scotland. 


vintage grouse foot brooch

Mizpah signature - heart with arrow

Back of grouse bird foot brooch

grouse bird foot brooch with ring

amber glass in grouse brooch
This vintage brooch is in a silver metal and has a large amber faceted rhinestone. The stone is prong set into the end of the jewellery. It has a ring on the bird claw and is stamped "Mizpah" on the reverse with the two heart symbols with an arrow through. Difficult to photograph as the "fur" got in the way. The pin is now a bit wobbly in shape and is fastened under style.

Mizpah was a signature used by the Ward Brother's initially. The designs were brought out by the company who made Miracle jewellery in Birmingham. This company is now under the St Justin's company in Cornwall.

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