Wednesday 13 September 2023

Silver faux marcasite brooch with mother of pearl

 Stylish mother of pearl brooch Circa 2000s

Yes - another car boot find. This simple but stylish silver tone brooch with an oval mother of pearl polished shell in white positioned in the centre. The oval shaped design is in a silver metal with stippled faux marcasite around a medieval shape. Well that is how I would describe it!

mother of pearl brooch

mother of pearl brooch with faux marcasite

mother of pearl brooch back view

 Dating this shell piece to around the early 2000s. It is quite well made and has a smaller length to the roll over pin fastening at the back. Unsigned but again an import in my opinion. The back view also has no design so made quite cheaply. The mother of pearl is glued onto the brooch, where as much earlier jewellery have the inserts prong set. Not my usual thing to buy, but this one attracted me and I might just actually wear it!

Trying to regularly update this blog now, by adding single pieces of jewellery and not worrying too much about photographs. So have a look at the other brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets I find to show case - mostly previously owned, but I do but new costume jewellery too occasionally.  

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