Wednesday 13 September 2023

Dragon Defender pin brooch by Anne Stokes

 Large Dragon Defender pin brooch by Anne Stokes.

This is one of my new buys in costume jewellery. A recent release by Anne Stokes and just one of the many of her fantasy jewellery that I have in my collection. Large in size and very well made. Heavy but not too heavy that it will weigh clothes down. Couldn't be worn on thin material but suitable for wearing on a coat, jacket, leather clothing and such. In a grey pewter coloured metal with a glow in the dark shield centre. It was designed from the Dragon Defender's artwork by the artist Anne Stoke. 

Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes on card

Large Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes

Dragon defender pin badge by Anne Stokes back view

Elemental magic postcard by Anne Stokes
This dragon brooch has two pinch back pins on the back - to fasten it securely. Unsigned and sent attached to a branded card. It also came with a postcard showing the Elemental Magic book available by Anne Stokes. Though I believe that this postcard is only included when buying directly from Anne's Etsy store. I have been a fan of Anne Stokes art for many years now and have lots of her artwork displayed around our house. This dragon jewellery has just been released and is available to buy from her Etsy store or from other retailers online and in store. 

This blog is to show what costume jewellery I buy mostly pre owned but also I do buy new occasionally. I do not sell jewellery anymore. So it is just show casing what I buy. Hope you like some of the different stuff I find. I don't do gold or much silver and prefer costume jewellery. 

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