Sunday 3 September 2023

Pave floral vintage brooch 1980s. Stylish jewellery with faux pearls

 Elegant floral brooch with pave stones and diamante 

This pretty vintage 1980s jewellery is in a flower design studded with tiny clear diamante in a pave style with small faux pearls as the flower centres. It is on smooth gold metal setting and a roll over pin fastening. This is very well made and quite elegant. I don't usually buy floral jewellery unless it is exceptional now. This I found in a local car boot sale a few months ago and thought it was of good quality. Suitable to be used in a wedding setting or summer wear. In my collection it has gone. Not worn yet, but one day..

Vintage floral brooch with pave 1980s

Vintage floral brooch with pave 1980s back view
Unfortunately this flower brooch is not signed and so I do not know which manufacturers made this. I source lots of jewellery in different styles and shapes. Not to resell now, but to add to my own collection. Have a look at some of the different ones I have brought in the last few months showcased on this blog.

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