Wednesday 13 September 2023

Resin dragonfly brooch - large bug insect jewellery

 Cream/brown resin dragonfly brooch

This large dragonfly jewellery piece caught my eye at a local table top sale. It is modern from the last 10 years and made of resin including the diamante decoration. It is in a cream brown antique colour with clear diamante and has a silver under pin fastening at the back. Imported into this country probably from China, although it is not signed and just my guess!

resin dragonfly brooch

resin dragonfly brooch back view

Dragonfly jewellery has been popular for many years. Watching them in the garden in the summer is magical. They remind me of fairies with their shimmering bright colours. So the rather pale colouring of this bug brooch is just been done for fashion. 

Why did I buy it? Well it was very cheap (50p) and made of plastic. I collect plastic/resin jewellery, because I believe at some point resin jewellery will become less available and rarer. I also find it fun to see what can be made from resin. I have many older pieces that I will show eventually. The changes in how plastic in jewellery has been used over the years is quite interesting (Well to me anyhow) As always I do a front and back view to show the construction. This dragonfly is quite well made overall. 

Please view the other vintage, antique and preloved jewellery I have on this blog. Not for sale but just because I like to show and describe what I buy. 

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