Tuesday 1 February 2022

Collecting bird jewellery 2022

 This years collecting bird jewellery for 2022

From my previous blog posts, you will see that each year I choose a theme for collecting jewellery. This year it is animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures. See my previous blog post for the animal jewellery that I have already. 

My rules are that it has to be cheap - under £2 or something rare that I will pay more than £2 for it. The jewellery is often second hand or sometimes I browse the auction websites and other shops to buy new.

Here are the bird jewellery pieces that I already have. Some are in my own collection and some are to buy. Hence they will appear in my eBay shop - Cool Vintage & Beyond (at some point!) See part 2   

Silver bird brooch by Sarah Coventry 1970s
Cute silver bird brooch from Sarah Coventry circa 1970s. In my own collection
Bird in cage necklace modern
Cute plastic bird in a cage. Not my style but my daughter's who threw out a box of costume jewellery a few years ago. Modern from around the mid 2000s and probably from Primark. For sale
Finch bird pendant  vintage
Love the birds on this finch pendant. They are well made on a silvery background. This one will be for sale.
Cockatoo bird brooch large handmade
This brilliant large bird brooch is of a cockatoo. Found him years ago and have had him in my collection. He looks handmade but unfortunately there is no name on the back.
Charm dove necklace modern
A small white dove charm pendant features on this necklace. Another one that was in my daughters jewellery box and is for sale. Doves are often used in jewellery for a "dove of peace" message.
Egyptian eagle brooch large enamelled
My large Egyptian eagle brooch. Love the enamel colours of turquoise and blue. This bird brooch is in my own collection. 
Large eagle brooch by Butler & Wilson
Another very large eagle brooch by Butler & Wilson. This was a present from my hubby a couple of years ago. I did ask for it and love to wear it. It is very big and fits my hand. 
Large gun metal eagle brooch by Butler & Wilson

Egyptian pendant with bird images on
An Egyptian pendant that has a small bird at the bottom of it along with the eagle head of a god at the top. This is in my own collection.
Hummingbird enamel brooch vintage by BJL
Although damaged I love this hummingbird brooch. He is missing a wing unfortunately. Enamelled in pastel colours of purple and green. This bird brooch is by BJL. In my own collection and quite rare I believe.
French Eiffel tower and swallow necklace
Oh La La. Now I have this French inspired necklace with the Eiffel Tower, heart and a swallow bird charm. Another rescued necklace from my daughters jewellery box. Circa mid 2000s of age and for sale.
Love bird brooch enamelled
A pair of love birds on this pretty brooch. Brought this to do a collage for my husband for Valentines day. Unfortunately that was a few years ago - yet to get around to it!!
Small enamel robin brooch vintage by BJL
I wear this robin brooch during the winter months. Pretty and small with marcasite accents. Unsigned but by BJL.
Enamelled swallow antique brooch

This swallow brooch is quite old and dates to the early twentieth century. Enamelled brass in yellow and green. Popular bird brooch during WW1, due to the nature of a swallow. This bird is said to always return to the same place to nest. Hence it was a special symbol during the first world war. Unfortunately this piece of jewellery is damaged. It is in my own collection.

Red rooster or Cockerill brooch fashion

Last but not least my brilliant rooster or cockerel brooch. He is big and bold covered in red diamante. Brought new in the last few years. In my own collection.

Hope you have enjoyed looking at what I already have. Will be picking up more as I go through the year. Including reptile, fish and other sea creatures - which I will show soon. 

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