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Bat, spider, fish, insect, reptile, butterfly and other sea creature jewellery collecting this year 2022

 Fun collecting bat, spider, reptile, fish, butterfly, insect and other sea creature jewellery for this year 2022.

From my previous two blog posts you will see that each year I choose a theme of jewellery to collect. I look for the cheapest under £2 or if over £2 it has to be rare or very interesting. I have already shown an animal jewellery collection and a bird jewellery collection. I have combined all four types of creatures to collect - as I think I might struggle for a single theme. 

Here are the fish jewellery and other creatures that I already have in my different collections. Part 3

Bat necklace by Alchemy Gothic 2005
I love Gothic jewellery. This is in my own collection a superb bat necklace by Alchemy Gothic 2005. I love the pewter bat segments and the blood red pendant. 
Beetle bracelet from Asos - Egyptian collection of jewellery
This beetle bracelet is in my Egyptian collection. I brought it new from a well know fashion shop Asos online. A few years ago now. I should have returned it as the clasp is too small to go around the ring!! But as I didn't intend to wear it - here it is.
Striking enamel beetle brooch
A striking beetle brooch - again in my Egyptian collection.
Big beetle pendant necklace
This is another one in my Egyptian collection. A very big beetle pendant necklace in purple, pink and gold enamel colours. Two silver chain necklaces gives this a look that is unique. Fairly modern in age but was one that wormed it's way into my jewellery collections.
Black scarab beetle ring

Black scarab beetle ring - reverse showing two bands
Another in my Egyptian collection. A black beetle ring with two ring bands. Again a fairly modern buy from Asos. But it appealed to my criteria and it was in the sale!
Busy cute bee brooch - made in China
He has stayed in my jewellery box because he has only one antenna - This busy bee brooch is so cute. Made in China according to the sticker on his back and probably from the 1990s.
Big black spider brooch covered in diamante
I love the dark glitter look of the spider brooch. In black diamante and part of my Gothic look. Brought new a few years back and one I wear often. It has a hook on the back, so I could add a chain and use as a spider pendant.
Purple butterfly pendant necklace
A cute purple enamelled butterfly necklace. Pre owned and for sale at some point.
Rhinestone butterfly brooch American
This pretty rhinestone butterfly brooch in silver with different coloured stones and a couple of pearl cabochon was one of 3 butterflies that I acquired a few years ago from America. In own collection. 
Mixed media butterfly bangle by Avon
This is a 90s Avon bangle with a butterfly on in sequins and lace. Brilliant mixed media piece. Unsigned by an Avon jewellery piece produced in the 1990s. For sale in my ebay shop Cool Vintage & Beyond.
Large butterfly bangle bracelet in green resin plastic

Large butterfly bangle bracelet in green glitter
A big and bold green butterfly bangle bracelet. Circa early 2000s and covered with orange butterfly that has a glitter to the resin. For sale at some point in my shop
Orange glitter butterfly brooch 1960s
This superb orange butterfly brooch with glitter enamel were produced from the 1960s and are brilliant to collect as they come in many shapes and colours. This one will be for sale at some point.
Silver and clear diamante butterfly brooch
Another of the American butterfly brooches that winged it's way into my home. This one is silver with clear diamante accents. Fairly modern in structure but probably at least 10 years old now!
Handmade metal crab brooch in pink and blue
A superb sea creature jewellery of a crab brooch. This is in my collection only because it looks handmade and is in a pink and blue metal. Just liked it and it was a bit unusual.... 
Gold dolphin bangle bracelet
This dolphin bangle bracelet were all the rage in the 90s. So here it is in my collection and I can't remember when I last wore it. It does need a polish though. In an all gold colour this fish bangle has a spring opening. 
Diamante frog brooch small
This small frog brooch covered in diamante was brought as a Christmas present for my elderly mother. Unfortunately I lost it and so she never received it. Now she says she has too much costume jewellery. So it remains in my jewellery box.  
Large kitsch spider brooch for Halloween
This fun kitsch spider brooch was one of the years I took to collecting cheap jewellery that had a Halloween theme. It has a battery underneath which still works and it flashes lights. Made of wire and felt.

Spider web pewter necklace by Claire's
This brilliant black spider web necklace by Claire's has red diamante to give a dramatic look. Yes you've guessed part of my Gothic collection and fun to wear piece.
Blue scarab bead large
Egyptian scarab beetle bead. This blue enamelled sand scarab It was £1 and so I just brought one. Intend to turn it into a bracelet as some point with leather bands. 
Blue plastic scarab necklace 1960s

Blue plastic scarab bead necklace 1960s
This light weight scarab bead necklace was made in the 1960s. Part of my Egyptian collection. 
Scarab beetle and Egyptian bracelet Asian
Another Egyptian bracelet. Love the plastic scarab cabochon - unfortunately when I wore this vintage piece I broke one of the scarabs on the gear stick. So it now just nestles in my collection. Too rare to be worn again...
Large scarab beetle brooch by Exquisite

Large scarab beetle brooch by Exquisite for Tutankhamun exhibition
Large scarab beetle brooch by Exquisite for the 1970s Tutankhamun exhibition tour. Not signed Exquisite but Tutankhamun. In my Egyptian collection and I haven't seen another for a long time. I have the matching ring as well.
Scarab beetle pendant necklace in blue

Scarab beetle pendant necklace in titanium colours
Above are two scarab beetle necklaces with different finishes. One in blue stone effect (plastic) and the other in a titanium look. Both of course in my Egyptian collection.
Stone scarab ring Egyptian in blue and silver
Stone scarab ring Egyptian in blue and silver. This faux stone jewellery is from the 1970s and in my own collection.
Enamel scarab ring Egyptian by Exquisite
Enamel scarab ring Egyptian by Exquisite. Not signed and the original enamel was quite worn, so have painted it. Own collection of Egyptian stuff.
Seahorse brooch enamelled from Primark
Not very inspiring but you don't come across seahorse brooches very often. Enamelled in a nude beige colour with a clear diamante eye. I brought this from Primark ages ago because it just caught my eye. 
Large seahorse pendant necklace in silver
This large seahorse pendant necklace in silver metal is big and bold to wear. With a long chain it is also articulated at the seahorses head. Circa early 200os but a reproduction of the one's available in the 1960s. I think there are also large owl necklaces in a similar style. For sale
Small frog brooch in silver and gold

Small frog brooch in silver and gold 1990s
Another frog brooch that I brought for my mother  just before she told me that she had too much jewellery and not to buy her anymore. So this little reptile jewellery piece remains in my jewellery box and occasionally ends up being worn on my jacket.
Large spider web necklace by Claire's
Another large spider web Gothic necklace by Claire's who produced a brilliant range of Halloween style jewellery. This however is for all year around of course!
1930s vintage star fish brooch
This is a vintage star fish brooch from the 1930s. Originally owned by my grandmother it is a coveted memory. The star fish is covered in tiny coloured diamante. Unsigned
A crab brooch for the Zodiac sign Cancer by Vogue Jewelry
Last but not least this is a crab brooch made for the Zodiac sign Cancer. It is a vintage piece by Vogue Jewelry and signed on the back. No I am not a Cancerian but this brooch is very unusual and stylized that it ended up in my miscellaneous collection.

So for 2022, I am collecting creature jeweller be it animals, reptile, fish or insects. The three blogs show various brooches, necklaces and other jewellery that has taken many years to contain. Which is why I have chosen such a broad subject this year.  Unfortunately the last 2 years have been a no collection with everything shut and the pandemic raging. But as we come out of the Covid endemic, I hope to show all that I have collected at least half way through this year and at the end. So happy jewellery collecting to you also

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