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M and N brands of jewellery

M to N brands of vintage to modern jewellery.

Brands of jewellery information and mark guide from M to N. Part of our alphabet jewellery series. The marks and brands are photographed for additional information. The photographs are taken from items that we have sourced, so they are copyrighted to us. 

MacDonald Francis - (1873 - 1921) Part of the Scottish Arts & Crafts movement famous four. Sister to Margaret MacDonald.

MacDonald Margaret - (1864 - 1933) Wife to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and sister to Francis Mackintosh. One of the 4 well known Scottish Arts & Crafts designers.

Mackintosh Charles Rennie - (1868 - 1928) Forerunner and well known Arts & Crafts designers in Scotland. With 3 other members of his family. See above and below.

MacNair James Herbert - (1868 - 1955) Husband to Francis MacDonald. One of the four Scott's Arts & Crafts designers.

Mali - Handcrafted jewellery from the African continent. Well made and signed Mali. Similar to JJ in pewter.
pewter cat on chair by Mali

Marsel Lorraine - American wholesaler in Texas. She used the signature "Lorraine © Marsel" on her jewellery, trinkets and accessories sold. However, she is famous for reselling pieces brought from Florenza. These are marked with Florenza as well as Lorraine Marsel. if it only has the Lorraine signature - THEN it is not a Florenza piece. 

Mann Adrien - 1968 - 1992 ?approx. Manufactures and retail of upmarket imitation jewellery, London UK. When dissolved in 1992/1993 Marcel Roland Mann b 1943, was the director. The company had the following companies also - The Ringleader LTD, Imitation jewellery supplies LTD, Amboise Promotions LTD, Adrien Mann (Holdings) LTD, Adrien Mann (contracts) LTD, Paris London Manufacturers LTD, Adrien Mann wholesale LTD, Adrien Mann retail LTD. Unsigned and signed imitation jewellery produced.

Marks & Spencer (M & S) Started out in 1884 as a market stall selling penny items in England. Now a global company with stores that not only sell jewellery and accessories but food, home furnishings and clothes. Marked M & S. Accessories can be marked, St Michael.  

Marsella Julio  
julio marsella signature on brooch

MASJ Crafted pewter from Edward and Maureen Ann Story-Jones in the Mid Wales county of Montgomery shire 1984 to 2017. Silver Scenes range was started along with other giftware in 1984. The items are silver plated over a pewter base. Just becoming vintage with the 1980s and 1990s usually signed and dated. Early pieces are signed AND dated - later post 2000s pieces appear not to be.
masj jewellery
Back of a MASJ rose pin - details hidden by the pin fastening

Copyright MASJ 95 on the back. Handwritten from 1995

Pretty rose pin in pewter by MASJ

Silver Scenes logo from MASJ

Boxed Silver Scenes rose pin stamped MASJ 95.

The company was taken over when the couple retired in 2005, and continued until June 2017, by the new owners Phil Wilson and Bill Whitby. The company was dissolved in 2017, but you will still find beautifully crafted jewellery and giftware available today. 

  Miracle - A Hill and Company LTD first started producing jewellery based in Birmingham in 1946. Predominantly producing imitation jewellery but also a smaller range of sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewellery.

In 2006 the company became Miracle Jewellery Ltd and was still in production until 2013. In 1996 the firm celebrated its 50th jubilee.

Miracle jewellery although most known for the faux multi-coloured gemstone -  Scottish and Celtic designs, have produced a wide range of historically inspired jewellery over the years.

From styles inspired from Africa & Chinese, Anglo Saxon, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Baroque, birthstone, Medieval & Gothic, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Roman, Commemorative, English, Welsh & Irish, nature & animal, heraldic, mosaic, Renaissance, Viking and including diamante, rhinestone, faux marcasite & pearls.

Most of Miracle are of faux stones with the exception of sterling pieces and those with semi-precious stones that are marked "Miracle & gem" Also a small range of natural slate jewellery

Many different types from A Hill and Miracle LTD have been produced including necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings (clip, screw & pierced styles), brooches, kilt pins, keyrings, rings, scarf clips, fobs and rosaries.

Non-jewellery pieces include tea, coffee, caddy spoons and paper knives.
Back of a clip earring. The Miracle signature is under the clip. As these do not look like the typical design, it may be missed on first inspection.

Miracle signature under clipped earring backs
miracle signature on back brooch

Mizpah signature with two hearts and an arrow.
Mizpah Scottish thistle brooch.
Miracle signature.
miracle signature brooch

miracle signature necklace

miracle signature large brooch

mizpah grouse brooch
Grouse claw brooches both by Mizpah.
mizpah grouse brooch

miracle cross brooch
Cross brooch by Miracle.
miracle necklace
Miracle necklace.
mizpah brooch
Cabochon brooch by Mizpah.
miracle blue brooch
Miracle brooch in blue faux agate of glass.
bagpipe keyring miracle
Miracle keyring of a bagpipe
miracle clip earrings green
Pair of large clip on earrings by Miracle circa 1980s/1990s.
thistle brooch miracle
Amber glass thistle brooch by Miracle. 
thistle brooch miracle back

Miracle faux agate brooch
Miracle faux agate brooch
Welsh dragon brooch by Miracle.
Welsh dragon brooch by Miracle. This was produced in a few different colours.
Thistle brooch by Mizpah.
Thistle brooch by Mizpah.
Cross necklace by Miracle.
Cross necklace by Miracle.
Garter brooch by Miracle
Garter brooch by Miracle 
Thistle brooch by Mizpah
Thistle brooch by Mizpah 

The majority of jewellery is signed, with only a few exceptions and when to add a signature was difficult. Notable look a likes to Miracle were the company Jacobite and Exquisite seventies range of faux stone vintage costume jewellery. Miracle jewellery company in Birmingham has closed its doors and shut April 2013. It is now owned by the Cornwall company St Justin. 
Other signed jewellery associated with Miracle (who owned the designs) are:

Sol D OR Made by A Hill & CO LTD for Sol-var of Ireland.
MIZPAH - The Mizpah jewellery is signed Mizpah and have a double heart pierced with an arrow. Not to confuse with earlier Mizpah pieces from other companies that have Mizpah on the front of the jewellery. These were produced by Quarrier Ward and the Ward Brothers. The designs were taken over by the Miracle LTD along with the designs from W. Johnson & sons.
The Ward Brothers produced sterling silver from the nineteenth century and were originally based in Edinburgh. Moving to Birmingham to increase production, this company produced Scottish designs with brilliantly faceted stones. Marked with the Ward Brothers Birmingham or Edinburgh assay hallmark or if under 7 grams in weight they are marked "sterling/silver and WBs"
The Ward Brother's designs were acquired by Miracle and today are still produce, now by St Justin of Cornwall.

Jewellery by Miracle, SOL D'OR, Mizpah and the Ward Brothers is very collectable.

Mirella - See Exquisite for the manufacturer information. A rare range of jewellery as Mirella was predominantly little nick-knacks such as ring holders and trinket boxes and mirrors. The name was from an employee of W A P Watson company. 1950s - 1970s. For more information see Exquisite. Please note. Mirella jewellery can often be the same jewellery stamped Exquisite on the reverse. 

Monet. For Monet jewellery information and great jewellery, pictures See Monet jewellery information blog also.
monet signature on brooch
Monet jewellery brand signature

monet signature on brooch
Monet with copyright signature brand
monet floral brooch

monet star brooch

Mott Thomas L (TLM) 1875 - 1970s. Birmingham UK company based in the Jewellery Quarter. Produced miniature works of art in portraits, floral and places. Enamel travel map charms for tourist collection and most famous for his "butterfly wings" designs in the 1920s. Using real butterfly wings. Signed TLM or TM. Produced brooches, rings, pendants, charm bracelets and charms. As well as other souvenirs. Their imitation jewellery and silver pieces is now very highly sought. See Shiptons also. 

thomas le mott flower brooch

thomas le mott primrose flower brooch

Napier. 1878 - today see Napier jewellery information for a more in-depth history and our blog post
New Look - Started out in 1969 in the UK. in Taunton, Somerset. A small shop grew into a large fashion brand. Selling in the UK, China, Europe and Asia. Sells cheaper lines of fashion jewellery to the younger women of today.  

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