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Q, R and S jewellery maker's guide

Q, R and S Jewellery Maker's Guide.

Company jewellery maker's guide beginning with Q, R and S. Arranged alphabetically to include jewellery brands modern, vintage and antique, logos, designers and famous stores that sell.

Readings - patent information on Victorian/Edwardian shirt clips. Unknown information.
Royal Orchid Company LTD -  Jewelry company from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Producing orchid design jewellery.

RT - unknown company. Mark found on a 1980s enamel jewellery brooch. Copyright signature and similar backing to the enamelled jewellery of the "Fish" company. 
rt signed enamel brooch

rt signed enamel brooch back

ruskin brooch

Salmon David - UK company that sold fashion and costume jewellery based in Manchester. Seems to have been trading from the eighties and stopped in the nineties. 

Sara - Unknown company with a heart shaped tag. On one side of the tag is the words Sara in lower case and the other has 3 dashes that form a face. Quality gemstone made jewelry. Be aware that Sarah Coventry jewelry has been known to be signed Sara - although this is rare.

Sea Gems UK - the 1990s - today. Cornish based company that originally produced enamel jewellery. Now making silver jewellery, fine enamel jewellery and gifts. Very collectible and inspired by Celtic and other traditional organic origins. 

Sherman 1947 - 1981 Canada's finest glitzy jewelry producer. Gustave Sherman in Montreal. Produced gorgeous rhinestone and crystal jewelry including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches. Aurora borealis effect on his stones is thought to predate the stated start date of use in 1956. Used Swarovski crystal in his Sherman jewelry and rhodium plating especially to the back of the pieces. Unfortunately, many of his pieces were not signed. Those that were can be dated from the type of signature

Sherman in script on an oval plaque is the earliest for the 1950s. In a rectangle the 1960s.

Identification - a square rhinestone tag at the very end of the necklaces.

They do sparkle is one of their characteristic features due to the Swarovski stones

If you like very sparkling rhinestone jewelry then this is one to collect.

Shiptons - family company based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, UK. From Victorian to today. Patented the reverse carved butterfly wing jewellery in 1923. Most found are 18th century dressed men and women and the Dutch boy fishing. Rarer jewellery includes the fairies, Elves and Art Deco scenes. Scenes of England including the sea views and inland water ways. Signed by Dorothy Buckley, Daisy Smith and ?

Thomas L Mott and Henry W King were companies Shipton's purchased their butterfly wings pieces for their shops. The shops were in coastal resorts including Hastings.

Silver Scenes - see MASJ for a more detailed guide. 
masj jewellery set

Sophos - See the Sophos jewellery follow the link for Sophos information.

Sphinx -English company  For Sphinx information and photographs see our other blog post.
sphinx jewellery brooch

sphinx jewellery bracelet

sphinx jewellery set

sphinx jewellery brooch

sphinx jewellery bird brooch

sphinx jewellery bird brooch set

sphinx jewellery bird modern brooch

Stratton UK company founded in Birmingham in Victorian England. Famous for made in England men's jewellery as well as compacts and all sorts of other items. 
stratton jewellery signature
Stratton, made in England on back of trinket box

Swarovski - This company used the swan emblem to mark their jewellery. Not to be confused with Swarovski crystal used by many jewellery manufacturers.
swarovski crystal brooch

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