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T, U and V jewellery trademark directory

T, U to V Jewellery trademarks Directory.

Alphabetical arranged jewellery directory of trademarks and company information. From past to present. We explore T, U and V brands that start with these letters. 

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Taiwan Jewellery - made in Taiwan stamps and marks. The brooches below in a bow shape and ribbon shape are stamped Taiwan on the back. They dates to around the 1980s.
Taiwan bow brooch 1980s
Taiwan brooch signed

Taylor Elizabeth - In the 1990s Elizabeth Taylor promoted her perfume "White Diamonds" with several items jewellery including a brooch and clip earrings with bows and diamante. These are signed with a signature "WD" and identified from their boxes. Still today, some gift sets include her designer jewelry the most recent a pendant with a chain seen in 2015. She also had a range of costume jewelry especially designed for her tastes with Avon in the 1990s. They are now very collectible. Since her death and sale of her fine jewels. There are quite a few companies making copies of her most famous pieces under her name. This includes QVC.  

Trifari - see Trifari jewelry and more in depth information Examples of Trifari jewelry and the marks.  
Trifari necklaces signed

Trifari clip on earrings signed

Large gold brooch by Trifari

Torino - American selling company that sells pewter jewelry with a novelty flare.

Ultra Craft - US company based in Rhode Island. Founder was Luigi Guadagno (C1936 - 2002) an American Italian who was born in Italy. The company made the Miss Universe and Miss America crowns in the eighties. Just a few pieces of Ultra Craft jewelry is available on the web. Brooches and earrings mostly found. Hand finished in large sizes and two tone or single colored metal. Pewter used with gold tone metals. A mix of whimsical and arty. Loved cat designs!

Torq - Little known about this company before 1995. At that point, they had 69 jewellery shops in the UK selling lower costing jewellery and watches. In 1995 they were in receivership and taken over by the Salisbury Stores group. This Sheffield UK based company owns the Salisbury luggage stores and Sock Shop chain.  

Tudor Mint - Myths and Magic Range by WAP Watson see Exquisite and WAP Watson.

Tudor Mint signature and packaging on brooch

Vendome - See Coro for all Vendome accessories information and more links.

Vogue Bijoux - High quality jewelry produced in Italy. This company closed in the 1990s and were famous for their hand finished costume pieces. Often finished in 18 ct gold plate. They are not the same as Vogue jewelry - which is a completely different brand
Vogue signature on a bee brooch

Vogue No 1 - Unknown company but probably from Asia. Late 1980s to the 1990s selling fashion jewelry.
Vogue Jewellery
Vogue Jewelry signature on a crab brooch

Vrba Lawrence - American jewelry designer. Worked for Miriam Haskell and Castlecliffe to name a few.

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