Saturday 17 October 2009

My favorite Blogs - Vintage & Craft

The last week has been quite eventful. last Monday spent almost all day in hospital having MRI's on my brain and cervical spine. Followed by an afternoon of staring at a changing black and white screen of another VEP test.

My neurologist told me at my last visit he was looking for lesions. Its official, I have a blockage in the nerve of my right leg which makes the nerve transmit much slower than my left. Also low in Vitamin D, another surprise. Now have to chew great big chalky tablets, still, it could be worse - I might have been told to swallow them whole!!.

To add insult to injury, late Monday started to have a sore throat and flu symptoms....yes I have managed to get swine flu. Not as bad as the cold I had earlier in the year but getting fed up of having to take paracetamol every 4 hours when I start to ache & burn up. Taking Tamiflu, twice daily now. Feel I'm rattling just a tad with all these tablets.

But less of my ailments. Spent tonight reading some great blogs that I follow.

So I would like to just give 3 of my favourites:

Older Rose's blog is written by a lovely lady who if I had half her talent I would be so happy. She makes fantastic crazy quilts. Paints furniture and buttons, and has loads of animals.

Tied Up Memories
by Tracy G, has crafted some lovely jewellery. She also makes paper crafts for her Etsy shop.

And finally for tonight:-

Nostalgia at the stone house another talented lady. Using vintage fabrics, jewellery and furnishing, she creates such lovely dolls and handcrafted goods.

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