Wednesday 23 March 2011

Black and Gothic jewellery anyone can wear!

Wearing jewellery is a part of every days attention to detail. A simple pair of earrings or brooch can lift a plain outfit. A necklace will draw attention to the neckline and a bracelet will show off your hands.

Today, I thought I would look at the black and Gothic jewellery . Wearing black jewellery with a white outfit will just offset the look from being too pale or wedding like. The two tone colours of black and white creates the biggest visual contrast.
Wearing black Gothic clothing can look somber. But add just a hint of a sparkling rhinestone can set you apart.

Just a simple pair of earring can lift an outfit without wearing any other jewellery.

Black will go with most other colours, so is the most versatile colour accessory to choose.
The Victorians were famous for their love of Gothic jewellery. When the country went into mourning, along with Queen Victoria, on the death of her husband. Black became the fashionable colour in jewellery. Black beads of jet and glass, earrings and bracelets. All in carved black jet or faceted black glass beads.

Medieval motifs were commonly used in the nineteenth century such as snakes, crosses, unicorns, lions and flowers.

The sixties and seventies saw a rock, hippie and semi Gothic style of heavy rock music influencing dress. Bikers and rockers mixed together. Dragons, grotesque jewellery and braided bead necklaces were in fashion. What do you wear with a long flowing dress but lots of beaded jewellery.

When the eighties world were going all out for large and focal jewellery. A Gothic and rock culture flourished also. In the post punk years, the "look" changed to the black Gothic style of the late twentieth century.  Black with red creates an anarchist feel. Or jazz black up by adding a great big bold splash of red - A large red rose brooch on a black hat. Or if wearing red adding black accessories can look stylish rather than coquette. 
Jewellery creates an individual and no matter what style or era. If you feel good, comfortable and confident, then go ahead and wear it.

Collectible jewellery from to-days Gothic age will be the Alchemy Gothic's range and almost certainly fantasy necklaces produced by Anne Stokes. Enameled rock band merchandise and crafted Steam-punk jewellery, with its cogs, wheels and chain, recycled into works of art.Although this type of jewellery has been around since Victorian times. 
We have lots of different vintage jewellery that will suite everyone.

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