Saturday 18 June 2011

Jewellery by Sarah Coventry Spring 1976 Part 10

This is part 10 of vintage jewellery by Sarah Coventry taken from the Spring 1976 collection.

By publishing this catalogue - it will help in identifying, naming and dating pieces from the company. They were available at home parties and later at some stores worldwide.

Page 34 

All photographs should enlarge.
A = Pebbles ring
B = Lovely Lady ring
C = Misty ring
D = Blue Feather ring

Page 35

A = Caress ring
B = Golden Lace ring
C = Silvery Lace ring
D = Papillion ring
E = Charity ring
F = Bamboo ring in gold tone.
G = Bamboo ring in silver tone.
H = Cotton Candy ring
I = Madam Butterfly ring in gold plate
J = Dusk ring
K = Mellow ring
L = Madame Butterfly in silver plate
M = Fickle Heart ring
N = Ebb Tide ring
O = Rosalie ring
P = Scroll ring
Q = Affection ring
R = Night Out ring
S = Victorian Pinkie ring

Part 11 will be out soon - we are now about half way through the catalogue. Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. I am looking for this exact necklace! My mom was given this necklace in the 70s as a graduation gift. She planned on handing it down to me, I'm now 32, then my daughter, and so on. She was robbed 2 years ago of all her jewelry in a home invasion & I've been looking for this necklace ever since! If you have any info on where I can purchase, please email me!


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