Monday 26 November 2012

Choose a beautiful jewellery piece for a Christmas gift

Yes it's that time of the year for Christmas jewellery. The thrill with Christmas gifts is not in the receiving but the giving. So choosing something to match that person is an art in its self. Especially if anything like my husband. Every year, our family asks for a Christmas list or what does he really want? But nearly every year he can not think what he wants until the very last moment or not at all. So he never gets anything very interesting, as by that time its too late to buy online and the shops are quite depleted.

 Vintage brooches

A piece of vintage jewellery may not be for everyone. But its something that would not be found in the usual shops. Providing you order early enough or take up the Express delivery option in the last couple of weeks in the UK.

Here are just a few pieces of vintage jewellery available and as we also sell new jewellery. There are some great designer pieces just right for buying yourself as a Christmas treat.

Rhinestone brooches

We have some gorgeous vintage rhinestone brooches that are so suitable for adding to your Christmas day clothing or attached to a dress for the New year's celebrations.

Vintage bracelets
  How about a genuine vintage stretch bracelet from the 950s to 1960s. Or go for a new version of a vintage style stretch ring to match your stretch bracelet.

Lots of different choices for Christmas gifts of vintage necklace. The majority of our vintage jewellery is sent in a gift bag or box, so no extra stress of looking for suitable packaging.

For the man in your life - go a little towards vintage mens jewellery. With tie pins, cufflinks and an assortment of Gothic pieces to look through and choose, as well as "traditional" style ones available.

vintage mens jewellery

Then something to wear over the festive season that is new but a take on the vintage cameo jewellery.

Cameo necklaces

  Just one of the newer cameos that are available and just that little different to wear.

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