Thursday 31 January 2013

Next part of Ciro Pearls 1950s catalogue (second post)

The company Ciro Pearls produced some fabulous vintage jewellery here in the UK. Distributed world wide and famous for their pearl necklaces and vintage brooches. They produced a series of catalogues showing some great pieces. This is part two in our blog series and is from a 1953 catalogue that shows the reproduction crown jewels that they made for the coronation.

This page shows the Orb of England, The Consort Orb, St George's spurs and the bracelets of Sincerity. All gold coloured jewels with precious stones reproduced in coloured glass. Very well done and I would love to know where they are now?

Above shows the Maces used in the coronation and the Royal Sceptre.

One of the Ciro showrooms were at Old Bond Street in London. The company usually had space in high class stores across the UK.

An other showroom was at 178 Regents street in London. They were quite luxuriant and had separate chair and small tables. You would sit down and have a shop assistant bring the now vintage jewellery over to you where you would try on and then decide.

Some latest additions to Jewels & Finery UK:

Sparkling wedding jewellery vintage earrings

Jasper green gemstone bead necklace

Next part to this series will be blogged soon.

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