Sunday 17 February 2013

1939 Jewellery from Hollywood

On a previous blog we have information that jewellery by Hollywood was made in Birmingham and by the Bloxidge Brothers. This information came from 2 separate sources not on the internet. However since then we have had messages that Hollywood was produced by D Ackerman and Sons LTD of London. So we did some more digging and found an advert from 1939.

It does in fact say that D Ackerman and Sons LTD of Great Portland Street London are the creators of Exclusive fashion jewellery - However I was informed that the Bloxidge Brothers made Hollywood jewellery. So they could be making this brand for this company at this time (1930s). Or we have been informed by two people and they are both wrong?  This needs more research as the answer.

The 1930s advert also says they were the creators of Ainette jewellery brand. Not at present have any information on this vintage jewellery.

The piece shows a now vintage bow brooch, earrings, bracelet and an imitation pearl necklace. It also has the information that they have reproduction pearls, paste, gilt, silver and jewellery.

On the back of this advert is another company as it was taken from a trade catalogue of 1939. It is for Pri Aur. Its the trade name for jewellery produced by W H Collins, Excelda Works, Rookery, Birmingham.

Pri Aur covers a wide range of fancy jewellery in 9 ct gold, sterling silver and rolled gold. The Birmingham  company made earrings, brooches, crosses, necklets, bracelets and charms. They also produced a wide range of gifts for baby including rattles and spoons with pusher sets in H M silver and EPNS (silver plate)
This factory also made life long pencils which I believe are marked Pri Aur.

Would like to know any more information if you have any to share. 


  1. I have a rolled priaur gold necklace I would like to get information on. Can you help me?


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