Sunday 30 March 2014

A warm Mothering Sunday in March

Today is Mothering Sunday. A day to say thank you to all mothers everywhere. Well in the UK at least, I think other countries celebrate on another day not in this traditional cold March day. However, we have been experiencing some very warm weather of late. Not like the usual cold and often snowy day we usually get. Yesterday I managed to grab a few minutes sat by our pond sunbathing! It was that warm.
Most moms will receive little gifts of flowers and chocolates today. So here are a few flowers to all moms where ever you may be.

An edelweiss flower.

Vibrant blue and yellow flowers edged with pink.

Just a mixture of gorgeous summer flowers in bright cheerful colors.

I just love sunflowers - these are in Eloxal silver but nether the less very pretty.

Another sunflower on this scarf clip.

A rainbow of beads around this flower shape, just perfect.

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