Friday 24 September 2021

Cameo necklace to vintage clown brooch

 Cameo necklace to a fabulous vintage clown brooch from the 80s.

Continuing with our fabulous additions to our eBay shopping listings. Today we have added more vintage to previously owned jewellery.weave25 on eBay 

Starting with a new cameo necklace called Fallen Fairy from Gothic White Witch.

Cameo necklace Fallen Fairy by Gothic White Witch

 Then back to the late 1990s or early 2000s with a large bead necklace in blue, pink and gold. This graduated beaded jewellery has a colourful style that will blend into many outfits just perfectly. The beads are in resin and vary in shape and size to create an individual piece.

Large bead necklace in pink, blue and gold 1990s

 Then to a newer Egyptian necklace in a brilliant Bohemian look. Made in the last 10 years in a darker silver with cabochon of turquoise, blue and coral pink. 

Egyptian silver necklace in a Bohemian style
Abalone has a very unique look. This shell has a shimmering appearance in blue, green and a rainbow of colours when catching the light. Simply set into a silver metal frame this abalone brooch can be worn on a jacket, top or hat. 
Abalone brooch in silver and blue shell

Staying with a blue theme. This great little collectable vintage blue enamel bracelet. Typical junk jewellery from the 1970s with alternate blue enamel onto a golden brass base. 

Vintage bangles are smaller in size in the 1970s as wrists on average were smaller than today. Easy to collect these pieces that were imported from Asian countries. 
We have also added this smaller length vintage resin pearl necklace, that is ideal for a smaller neck or teenager. Alternate simulated pearl beads in a creamy white and grey blue. Made in England in the 1980s. It has a simple push in clasp.
Vintage simulated pearl necklace 1980s choker small

 Lastly for now is this brilliant vintage clown brooch from the 1980s. In a gold tone metal with enamel of green, blue, white and red. A typical circus clown shaped figural holding a flower - just ready to send a spray of water into someone's face. Circus brooches make great collectable jewellery and displayed in a box frame will put a smile on anyone's face.
Vintage clown brooch 1980s enamel

 Hope you like our selection and not only will this help you date some jewellery by style. But they can be brought. Just head over to our eBay selection. 

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