Wednesday 20 May 2009

Vintage Patterns for knitting, sewing or crochet

At last we have managed to photograph the large number of vintage patterns we have collected It took my son several hours to go through the amount. We had guessed about 600 but in the end there was just over 500.
So have been adding them to our site, its a slow process but have been adding between 10 to 20 patterns per day

The patterns are vintage unused, second hand and some are quite retro. They at present date from the fourties through to fairly modern

We have had great fun just looking at the different styles. One pattern for matching his and hers fair isle waistcoats has taken Marks fancy and he wants them knitted for us??

Just a quick conversion for yarn weight between the UK and USA see below

2 ply or lace (UK) = Baby (USA)
3 ply (UK) = Fingering (USA)
4 ply (UK) = Sportweight (USA)
Double knitting DK (UK) = Worsted (USA)
Aran (UK) = Fisherman or medium (USA)
Chunky (UK) = Bulky (USA)
Super chunky (UK) = Super bulky (USA)

For me (Sue) the models jewellery has been good for research, as the jewellery is named on some patterns and then helps with the date of certain pieces

Because we have so many vintage patterns, we decided to add a category rather than continue to add to the small sub category within vintage craft books. The patterns will be moved from the book section once we have added the majority of patterns to the new category. We will never get round to adding them all as we do tend to buy and source more patterns every week!!

A few weeks ago now we were asked by a TV researcher for a knitting pattern for a sixties gonk. Still have not found one yet - but we keep looking

At the moment we have many knitting patterns, some crochet and sewing patterns for womens and mens clothes. Babies and children clothes and accessories, unisex and family patterns, soft furnishings and dolls clothing or soft toys to make. Also pattern books for school fetes, fairs and bazaar knits

Vintage patterns

Bookmark or site and check back regular to see what we have found

Or add some genuine vintage buttons to your knitted or crochet clothes
Again we add weekly and have a huge amount just waiting!
Vintage buttons

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