Saturday 13 June 2009

Thirties Enamel & Marcasite Jewellery

swallow brooch in enamel and marcasite

I have a collection of enamel vintage jewellery. Not only from the manufacturer Exquisite but many pot metal brooches from the thirties.
The thirties brooches hold many memories as they are from my grandmothers and elderly relatives - never to be parted with.

Pot metal is quite distinct in looks - a silvery pewter metal. Pot metal is made when a combination of metals were all mixed together. A form of today's recycling - mixing up what ever there was or left over. so nothing went to waste!

With the thirties came the advent of World War Two and the depression. Clothes were formal suits in quite somber colours. With little money women brightened up their outfits by wearing the colourful enamelled figural jewellery

Birds, flowers, dogs, cats, circus animals, bows and many more figurals of all sorts were used.

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  1. WOW!!!! This is stunning! Thank you so much for the tutorial! Keep on posting.

  2. Great blog! I've read a few posts here today, and wanted to leave at least one comment. I'll be back!


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