Wednesday 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas 2010

Every year we send Christmas cards with scenes of snow and the bookies odds are up and down to will it be snowing on Christmas day. Well this year it looks to be coming true. Its snowed for most of this month.
Writing this blog at about 6.30 am on a cold Wednesday morning, its once again snowing and we still have a thick covering on the ground. Not that I intended getting up so early but my oldest has flu and is one of the worst when he is ill.
He has Asperger's Syndrome a form of high level autism and has little awareness of time. Snow is an extreme of temperature and represents change, so his anxiety levels were raised last weekend when it came down thick and fast. As the snow has been here for a few days now, he was just starting to settle again but then he came down with flu! Oh the joys - this probably means that we will all get it now.

So with the heating just kicking in and feeling cold I thought I would show a few "warming" jewels to bring out the sun.

 A large vintage brooch in the design of a vulture. Makes me think of hot desert areas and cactus plants.

Warm seas and swimming for this 1990s sea horse pre owned brooch with sparkling diamante and enamel.

A second hand snake clamper bracelet in black enamel and clear diamante - for hot swampy areas with snakes skimming the river banks and noisy insects.

Finally managed to make my cakes for Christmas and will show the photographs next time.

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