Sunday 3 April 2011

Emmons & Sarah Coventry Jewelry Fashion Show - Book Review

This morning thought I would review the book Emmons & Sarah Coventry Jewelry Fashion Show by Deborah A Robinson

I love collecting some of the Sarah Coventry brooches and matching clip earrings. The jewellery was well made and in a huge variety. Here in the UK, a lot of the range can still be found. This book has been very valuable. It has allowed me to find most of the pieces, name and date them.
It has over 1,200 items in clear colour photographs. Along with an invaluable reference guide, accessories, original catalogues, advertisements and the awards given.Company information and when the home parties came to the UK and Canada.

Excellent reference book to buy, especially if you are collecting or selling vintage jewellery.
My only gripe is that this is an American book, and so I still find some pieces of jewellery specific to the UK that I can not name.
Would I buy this book again - yes definitely.

In January 2010, I decided to buy a book a month on jewellery, to help us identify and reference items we sold or collected. Now I know I said one a month but sometimes I could not help sneaking in another book. Hence I have managed to build up quite a large library of over 50 book. That's not counting the 3 on order for March/April 2011. Each I will review - as and when I remember to include them for photographing.
So have a Happy Mothering Sunday.

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