Monday 4 April 2011

Beautiful buttons and beads

We have a second website - Jewels and Finery Craft that is slowly being stocked. It has vintage buttons and beads, as well as other vintage and second hand craft material.

Here are some of the unusual buttons and beads available in single or small amounts.

  Vintage police buttons. Officer or the superintendents would wear these. Old style with a pin. This allowed the buttons to be removed for washing the garment or if promoted there was not need to give the man another jacket (waste not, want not of old)!

1960s vintage beads in plastic. Bright pink and white in mixed sizes and shapes.Love plastic beads as the 1970s Hong Kong beads are gorgeous as well as many of the unusual shapes and colours that are not available today. Our beads come from damaged jewellery or craft beads that someone no longer has use for, they are cleaned and packed for use straight away.

We have called these lumpy vintage beads. They are made of glass with a lumpy surface. There is probably a technical term for this technique!

Vintage buttons made in England still on the original card. They are quite thin and slightly irregular in shape.
This card has buttons of caramel or toffee colours. Made of an early plastic, which we have not tested.There are a few of these cards available in different colours.

Now here is our gallery of beads for Monday...
We will be adding more over the whole Jewels and Finery Craft website this week.

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