Wednesday 6 July 2011

Sixties Heart Name Brooches

Anyone else remember having a heart shaped opaque white vintage brooch with your name on. Produced in the sixties and marketed at children or the young at heart!
They were painted with different flowers and the name was in gold lettering. Safety fastening to the back in silver tone metal. Every child wanted one and over the last few years have come across a few - now they are of course classed as vintage jewellery.
This was me aged about 5. The brooch long lost and I would like to find another with my own name on.

A year ago, we brought and subsequently resold one, from a lady who wore one to work most of the time. She worked in a canteen and used it as a name badge.

These plastic vintage name brooches are now quite rare. Here are just 2 in the names Karen and Lily.

Karen named heart shaped vintage brooch

Lucite white vintage brooch named Lily

Named brooches and other initial jewellery has been popular down the decades. I also remember in the 1970s wearing a choker necklace. Very popular amongst teenagers at the time. It was in a silver coloured metal wire with a pendant initial on. Then more recently shaped brooches that is still available, of brightly coloured enamel with names on - again for children.

When did you last wear a named brooch or piece of jewellery?


  1. Hi,
    I'm really trying to find one of these for my mum to surprise her in either Jackie or Jacqueline, do you know any place I might find one?
    Thanks, Chloe A.

  2. I had one as a child in the sixties from Blackpool bought by my nan looking for one with Carol on, so wish I had kept mine x

  3. I had one bought at Blackpool illuminations in the 60s as a child it had barbara and a rose 🌹 on

    1. I had 1 as a child in Blackpool with Maxine on wish I had it now

  4. Someone is selling them on preloved website

  5. I am looking for one for my friends birthday her name is Susan .

  6. Would love to know if the Lynne were ever spelt with an E at the end,I’ve on,y ever seen the lynn spelling

  7. Im looking for a brooch with Isobel on it

  8. Any idea who manufactured these?

    1. Unfortunately no idea. As they were produced in the late 1950s/1960s. Would say either a UK company with imported parts that were then put together here.


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