Sunday 13 May 2012

Green Gemstone Chip Jewellery

Time to write a jewellery blog has been too little just lately, but this beautiful May Sunday morning is the exception. So today lets look at the vintage jewellery craze from the 1970s - green vintage gemstone chip jewellery, chip brooches, earrings, necklaces and bracelets were definitely in. The idea was that the green gemstone chips were fashionable Jade. But with the price of Jade, in many cases a lower costing gemstone was used in costume jewellery or even sometimes green plastic chips.

 Chrysoprase green chip vintage brooch

Jade was one of the favourite amulet gemstones used over the centuries. It is said to have the properties of stabilizing your aura and so getting rid of dysfunctional energy and promoting relaxation, compassion and contentment.

How do you tell what gemstone was used - with difficulty, we use a gemstone tester to verify what the gem is.
Mostly the gemstone Chrysoprase was used as a Jade substitute but also Aventurine.

 Green gemstone chip vintage bracelet.

Chrysoprase is an apple green semi precious gemstone, often seen with brown earthy coloured chips with it. Now very fashionable in its own right, it is said to have the properties to bring about good luck and success. It is also an earth gemstone that conveys the harmonious energy of nature.

Aventurine can be identified by its sparkly appearance with a green ocean colour. This stone is said to calm the emotions and stabilize them. It is also said to promote spiritual growth and increase your tranquillity.

 Multi gemstone chip locket vintage necklace

So with so many green gemstone chip pieces from the 70s still around and priced reasonably. They are great to collect and have a benefit when worn.   

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