Friday 1 June 2012

Alphabet soup - G & H jewelry

For the Jewelry Ring I have compiled this vintage jewellery selection with pieces from designers/manufacturers beginning with G and H.
First I will start with Charles Horner of Halifax, UK. They also had a show room at Frederick Street in Birmingham, UK, which is why we come across a large number of their productions.

Charles Horner LTD (1860 - 1984) is renowned for its silver jewellery in Art Nouveau, Dorcas thimbles and silver hat pins. However they also made costume jewellery. Most of their silver pieces are marked and can be distinguished as belonging to the Charles Horner factory, but most of the costume pieces were not.

 Here are just 3 of the mock marcasite vintage brooches from Charles Horner. All are unmarked accept the pelican bird which has CH stamped on the beak's back part.It has numbers in front of the CH but we can not distinguish what they say.

Bird brooch with enamel by Charles Horner. The circles that glint like marcasite are stamped (see the reverse photo coming up) Signed vintage brooch.

  Bow vintage brooch with stamped silver metal detail. Blue enamel on the edges. Produced by Charles Horner.

 Sailing ship vintage brooch by Charles Horner Does not appear to have any enamel originally. A lot of these great pins have some enamel detail but it wears off, leaving just a little colour in the edges/circle stampings.

Back view to brooches. All have C shaped fastenings.
For more Charles Horner jewellery see our designer jewellery collection. It includes some of his other mock marcasite pieces and cameo brooches of casein. Will write another blog shortly just on Horner pieces as we have many more to show.

Hong Kong jewellery.

Some fabulous beads are still available from Hong Kong as well as other items such as earrings and bracelets. The beads are usually in plastic but come in a fabulous range of shapes and colours.  Here are just a few.

 White bead torsade necklaces signed Hong Kong.

 Three strand green bead necklace. Lots of different shapes to the beads in this one. Hook fastening where it is signed Hong Kong.

A very long green bead vintage necklace with waxy beads. The strand has fixed beads where they are attached to the string. Signed on the clasp.

For other Hong Kong jewellery on Jewels and Finery. We also have repair necklaces that need restringing on Jewels and Finery Craft that includes some Hong Kong beads.

Hollywood Jewellery.

Hollywood jewellery was produced from the early 1900s up to the 1970s by the Bloxidge Brothers in Birmingham. They made costume jewellery that was fairly cheap and cheerful. They were at one point the main supplier of jewellery for Woolworths.

Very large flower vintage brooch by Hollywood in a gold-tone metal.

Not all their pieces are signed but this one is. It is always HOLLYWOOD in block capital.

For more Hollywood jewellery.  

Germany made jewellery.

The G that we have photographed for Germany (other than what is in our designer jewellery collection) is by Christian Dior and these are big earrings.

All of the pieces are not for sale at present shown in this blog, but will be shortly.


  1. i have a gold coloured with bits of green rough stones set of hollywood jewllery necklace bracelet and clip on earings

  2. Hello!
    I would love to credit you on my Instagram with the information I have learned regarding this brand of costume jewellery.
    Would that be ok?


    1. You have a lovely website. Yes you have my consent Sue


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