Monday 25 June 2012

A Barcs brooch from Australia and links to Monet

This morning we were adding a very stylish vintage enamel brooch from the Australian company Barcs. This brooch is inspired by the Art Deco period but was produced in the 1980s. Enameled in black with a blue center onto a gold tone setting. This nice quality brooch however is very similar to a Monet brooch that was made and is part of a jewellery set release during the 80s.
Many vintage brooches and even some of today's jewellery are made by what are called "jobber companies", who then sell the product to other companies who then add their signature to them. Also some well known companies will sell their designs or even the actual jewellery to other well known companies who then sell it under their own name. Just interesting to spot the different brooches and jewellery that are essentially the same design but have a different signature on.

Barcs vintage enamel brooch circa 1980s.

This is a scan of the page number 267 of "Monet the master jewellers" by Alice Vega (A must buy for any vintage jewellery addict) The similar brooch  is in cream, black and red enamel where as the Barcs brooch is in black and blue enamel. Now just wondering is there a whole set by Barcs in black and blue?

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