Monday 10 September 2012

Dating necklaces, earrings and bracelet Sarah Coventry p16

Haven't completed the next part of the Spring 1976 catalogue from Sarah Coventry jewelry for a while. So this is part 16, just a single page number 49 that contains vintage necklaces with matching vintage earrings and a Melody vintage bracelets.
One of the best ways to date any vintage jewellery is to get hold of a catalogue, brochure or advertisement that is clearly dated from a company. Sarah Coventry produced several catalogue per year to show to women at their home parties. Some still survive today and are an excellent source of dating material. I have collected quite a few and this autumn intend to start showing more on this blog. The reason this part 16 will just have just one page is because the next two pages are for vintage mens jewellery so will have that as a separate blog post.

So back to page 49.

Now it should enlarge a bit when clicked onto the above page to get a better view.

A = 8749, Silvery Cascade necklace 16 inch.  Silvery cascade necklace 18 inch (not shown)
B = 7239, Silvery Cascade earrings  (clip on )
C = 8208, Lilac Time necklace 50 inch with a removable 16 inch choker.
D = 8341, Timely necklace 36 inch.
E = 9586, Melody bracelet shown here in silver tone.

Now I do remember the silvery cascade earring style as I had some in the late 70s. Not by Sarah Coventry but they were a popular design which continued into the 80s in various forms. The bold lettering relates to the actual name of the Sarah Coventry jewelry. How they managed to give a different name to the thousands of different designs is so neat. I have trouble thinking up a few names LOL. But I think that's something to do with my age and also my brain!
Will be posting information shortly on my blog on Ciro and also scarf clips. Think I will also have to go back to my jewellery book reviews as the bookcase and bedside table is now groaning under the weight of lots of different ones, but all on jewellery in some form including vintage beads and vintage button books.       

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