Wednesday 5 September 2012

Do you collect or wear bird brooches?

Now I know there are many people that collect bird brooches. Not as unusual as it sounds as the number of bird brooch particularly owl brooches have been flying of the virtual shelves. We have recently made it easier to view the vintage brooches collections with a new look to Jewels and Finery. So bringing the bird brooches collection to the main page.

Along with owls, other birds are peacocks, kingfishers, parrots, swan, dove, ducks, swallow, eagle and vultures. there are those birds that can not be identified and due to designer artistic inspiration.

Vintage swallow brooch 1970s
Vintage swallow brooch with diamante circa 1970s.

Vintage swan brooch 1970s by Sphinx
Swan brooch in flight. Vintage swan brooch 1970s by Sphinx.

Partridge brooch pin by A R Brown in pewter.
Partridge pin in pewter by A R Brown

Kingfisher brooch 1960s
King fisher vintage bird brooch 1960s

Hummingbird brooch 1990s
Humming bird brooch circa 1990s.
Two bird brooch pins
Two bird brooch pins
Bright parrot brooch in plastic
Bright parrot brooch in plastic
Penguin brooch pin in clay
Penguin brooch pin in clay

Attach a bird brooch to a jacket's lapel, hat or bag. Even to a hair band or evening bag to have a different look to anyone else.   

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed your post of vintage bird brooches, and thought you imght like this one from Buckley Jewellery -


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