Saturday 4 May 2013

Showcasing Celtic jewellery this Bank Holiday weekend!

Well a promise of a sunny Bank Holiday may not be on the horizon. So we have decided to showcase Celtic jewellery today. We have both vintage Celtic jewellery and previously owned pieces. Shrouded in mystery and with a mythical history, the ancient and alluring designs used in Celtic designs have a haunting past as well as being beautiful to wear.

The swirling triskelion and loops on this pretty pair of Celtic earrings have a meaning that has been lost in time. As with most of the patterns used in Celtic ornaments and decoration.
The Celts were in Europe and the UK around the Iron Age and Medieval period.They had a pre Christian culture and spread across Europe trading weaponry and jewellery.

The Celts wore long cloaks and so pins were used to fasten them. This Celtic brooch in a penannular shape was popular. Of course the most popular piece of jewellery favored by them was the torc necklace which were often made in gold.

Above is a huge Celtic brooch from St Justin of Cornwall. The swirls are so typical of Celtic art work and have the haunting beauty as so does many and of course they are instantly recognized. St Justin's in Cornwall have just taken over the Miracle company in Birmingham on the retirement of the owner. So we wait to see what happens to the Miracle designs, who are also famous for their Celtic and other reproduction jewellery.

Another multi coloured Celtic brooch by Mizpah. Miracle have the designs in their ownership and I wonder if they were part of the Miracle companies package to St Justin.


  1. HI.

    Is this brooch still available?


    1. Hello, Sorry no. We only have other Celtic brooches available here.


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