Tuesday 23 August 2022

When you find an older fairy brooch by JJ (Jonette Jewelry)

 My latest find - A fairy brooch by JJ (Jonette Jewelry)

I always like JJ pieces. They produced many pewter brooches, earrings and other costume jewellery pieces from 1935 to about 2006. Jonette Jewelry uses the "JJ" copyright sign on the reverse of their pewter jewellery as well as the name Artifact. Looking at the information available on the internet. It looks like the companies copyright was taken over by another company Chelsea Int' Inc in 2007. They plan to release certain designs this year. So watch their jj website.

Back to my fairy brooch. As to all my usual finds - it came from a car boot. Very pretty in a purple sparkly enamel and pewter. Signed JJ on the reverse. 

Fantasy jewellery to collect.

If you follow my blog, you will realise I like fantasy jewellery and so this fairy brooch will end up in my own collection. I probably won't actually wear it, but I intend to display this along with the other fairy, wizard and witch jewellery I have acquired over the years.

I have come across many other JJ jewellery brooches and earrings across the years. In fact I brought a cat brooch which was also by JJ a few weeks ago. Will have to get organised and dig out the others that I have. I own a pretty unicorn brooch and I think several wizard jewellery pieces.

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