Saturday 18 July 2009

Using Dress Clips and Scarf Clips as necklaces

The idea of using dress clips and scarf clips was one of the subjects discussed a few months ago on the Jewelry Ring. A few members used their dress clips as necklaces with a thick chain.

So when the question came up on how to use sweater guards or sweater clips (collar clips) on Queens of Vintage I first answered as for dress clips, but on realizing that the question meant sweater clips. Another use could still be as a necklace

Hunting through the boxes full of vintage jewellery for sweater clips I could only find a pair of Victorian Chatelaines, not clips. But the principle would be the same for dress clips as would sweater and scarf clips

Experiment with the thickness of chain necklaces and other materials such as mock pearl bead necklaces and chokers. Some clips will sit well but others will not.

This is a pair of Victorian Scottish dancers double brooches joined by a chain known as a chatelaine brooch. Sweater clips have alligator clips that are similar to the clips on men's tie bars or tie clips.

Here is an assortment of clips dress and scarf clips that I have to experiment with.

First I tried a square link necklace but the only clip that fitted fairly well was the dress clip, the others were too loose. I would suggest that sweater clips would sit well on this type of chain necklace

Next tried a chunky silver metal chain. This time the dress clip did not fit as the chain was too bulky, but the scarf clips were well suited as the chunkiness held the clip quite secure

Looking through necklaces and chokers that would be suitable, I came across this mock pearl bead work choker

Again the 1930s scarf clips were too bulky but the dress clip sat firm and looked quite unique. A similar bead work necklace would be ideal for sweater clips also.

Finally took some thick long chains and tried fitting the clips.

Both dress and scarf clips fitted very well. However sweater clips would slip along the chain unless they were small enough to fit side by side

Have fun with fitting clips to chains and experimenting. Would love to see how others get on

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