Monday 17 June 2013

Summer bead necklaces that do not date.

I am blogging today about summer bead necklaces that do not date. The one style that seems to be always fashionable is the long necklace of a single strand. These are so versatile and easy to throw on in the mornings when you are half asleep. Most do not have a clasp - an advantage if you are finding the small clasps manufactured today a bit fiddly and they do not move around and expose the clasp which is so annoying.

What sort of material is available in beads that are ideal for summer? Light weight plastic jewellery is so great if you do not want a long necklace that feels heavy in the heat of summer (that is if we in the UK ever get any heat!) Then bead necklaces of gemstones are also ideal. A bit heavier to wear. Cool to the touch and on the skin. These have added value with their supposed benefits.

But whether you choose plastic jewellery, glass, wood or shell. Bead necklaces either vintage, antique, pre owned or new will uplift any outfit each day. 

 You can of course layer bead necklaces wearing an assortment in different lengths or with a long necklace that is even versatile. You can knot the beads towards the end or wear one wrapped several times around your wrist.

Want an even more summer look then choose a shell or mother of pearl bead necklace. So many colours to choose from with white to abalone blue and green. Dyed shell has many colours and shapes now for matching with many outfits. So what bead necklace are you wearing today?

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