Thursday 27 June 2013

Jewellery book for Charles Horner by Tom J Lawson

The jewellery book that I use often is the Charles Horner of Halifax by Tom J Lawson. A celebration of his life and work. Not only does it have information on Charles Horner jewellery but also the hat pins, thimbles, silver jewellery and other items produced by the factory once found in the UK.

Charles Horner started his first family business as a watchmaker in about 1857 and the factory in Halifax closed its doors in 1984. This book was produced in 2002 and now rare is well worth its value for the information it contains. It is well written and contains original designs and letters from the Horner family as well as the designers that worked for the company over the years. It uses a wide range of sources to authenticate the items. Using trade magazines and cards and a huge collection of different silver and costume jewellery, hat pins, thimbles, boxes, photographs, ornaments, wicker ware, brass, Riplak ware (coloured metal) and silver trinkets to illustrate.

Many of the vintage jewellery items were so familiar and a delight for me to have the original source verified. Especially as very few items were signed. Silver is the exception and is fully hall marked or marked CH if under the required weight for marking.
This company actually produced beads, brooches, brush handles, buckles, buttons, cameos, candlesticks, chess sets, cigarette boxes and lighters, combs, crochet hooks, dress ornaments, dressing table ware, fruit boxes, hair slides, handles for knives and button hooks, manicure sets, needle cases, novelties, parasol handles, pens, shoe horns, small boxes in mock tortoiseshell and thimbles to name just a small section of their products.

Very few books have been produced that looks specifically at a UK manufacturer of vintage jewellery. So when I hear of one I buy it straight away. In 2002 I missed this and it took 3 attempts for me to buy this. the first two times I purchased my money was returned as not in stock. The third time I managed to source and eventually brought this one from Belgium.   

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