Sunday 27 December 2020

marcasite brooches

Marcasite flower brooch designs.

We have plenty of marcasite brooch designs to choose from – In a wide range of floral and different flowers, flower baskets or in bouquet bunches. You will always find flowers that are more “poetic licence” than actual flowers and so cannot identify what they are. Here we are showcasing a few of the marcasite jewellery we have at some time in our procession. Our sample includes faux marcasite – usually of Stay Brite metal from Charles Horner or just metal that has been moulded with raised “dimples” to imitate marcasite.
Faux marcasite feather leaf brooch by Charles Horner.
faux marcasite leaf brooch back Charles Horner

faux marcasite leaf brooch Charles Horner

Marcasite has been popular since the very early age. It was used in Egyptian times and found in burial chambers. Wat is marcasite – It is not made from actual marcasite – which was found to be very brittle and would break quickly. But from Pyrite or commonly called Fools Gold. It was set into real silver originally, but as costume jewellery progressed. It is also set into cheaper silver coloured metals.

Photographs of marcasite flower brooches.

Faux marcasite flower basket brooch.
Large lily brooch in marcasite by Kigu

Large lily brooch in marcasite by Kigu
Floral marcasite brooch by Exquisite

Real marcasite flower brooch by Exquisite.
Daisy marcasite brooch by Exquisite
Large daisy marcasite brooch by Exquisite.
Marcasite lily brooch with enamel in pale pink. These marcasite brooches can be found in a wide range of colours. Because they were hand enamelled. They all have a slightly different colour pattern and tone.
vintage enamel and marcasite lily brooch pink

vintage enamel and marcasite lily brooch purple

pink and purple enamel lily marcasite brooches above

enamelled marcasite brooch in pretty pastel purple enamelling

Another enamelled marcasite brooch in pretty pastel purple enamelling
enamelled marcasite lily brooch in pretty maroon enamelling
Another vintage enamel lily brooch in a dark maroon enamelling with marcasite. Unsigned.  Circa 1960s.

flower basket marcasite brooch silver

flower basket marcasite brooch silver
The above antique silver flower basket brooch is in a faux marcasite - probably circa 1960s of age.
floral marcasite brooch large
A large marcasite brooch in silver and unsigned. Circa 1960s/1970s of age.

With daisy, lily, tulip, leaf and many other designs – it is hard to choose from. As usual with our blogs – we add photographs of the jewellery we have found on our travels and add them to this blog post.

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