Saturday, 21 November 2020

Halloween jewellery

Halloween jewellery fun to wear with a Halloween costume
What sort of jewellery did you wear this Halloween? Well you can go for the dark and mysterious stylish Gothic or the fun Gothic Halloween jewellery that is available at this time of year. With bat, skull, witch, snake, spider and vampire inspired pieces there is something for everyone.
Alternate pumpkin brooch by Gothic White Witch

This alternative felt brooch has a cheerful wooden pumpkin look. Great to dress up a lapel or bag. This is fun Halloween jewellery to brighten up those dull Autumn days.
The mysterious Gothic Halloween jewellery style can be achieved simply by using a black or navy coloured brooch, bracelet, necklace or earrings. Add a little Gothic and you are suitably dressed.
Conjoined twin necklace cameo

This conjoined twin necklace adds a little macabre detail to a Halloween costume.Vampire neck choker in plastic
Cheap and cheerful gross neck choker to imitate a cut throat. Adds a bloody touch to a black outfit.
Black skeleton earrings by Claires
Long dangling skeleton earrings in black from Claire's Accessories. 
Single large spider earring
Large single spider earring for pierced ears. Black with silver markings.
Green witch ring in plastic
Novelty witch ring in plastic. These rings were on the top of cupcakes from Greggs the bakers.
Claire's fashion jewellery usually produce fun Halloween pieces to wear. This dangling pair of spider web earrings for pierced ears are just right for a Halloween party. 
Love the skull necklace look? Then wear this Hematite cool piece. Yes cool in looks and also in the fact that Hematite is quite cold against your skin.
Another skull necklace. this one is large and as pre-owned of unknown original manufacturer. In the sugar skull style favoured by the Mexican tradition. Used in Day of the Dead or in All Souls Day celebrations
Pumpkin hair accessories with resin pumpkins of a hair band and hair slides.
A larger pair of Halloween earrings with spiders and spider web designs by Claires. 
Gothic White witch produced an alternative spider onto a felt brooch.
A large spider web necklace in blackened metal.

A green faced witch hair accessories on their original card. Witch hair slides and matching hair bands. See our other posts about witch jewellery and Gothic jewellery in general 

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