Sunday 31 October 2010

Halloween 2010 & figural jewellery collection

This year I started collecting Halloween and witch figural vintage jewellery. I already had a simple witch on a broomstick brooch, when I saw a new brooch by Kirks Folly and had to buy it.
Now I have 4 brooches in total, some new and some older but not yet vintage. Here is my collection.

 Kirks Folly Wicked Season of the Witch brooch
A little second hand witches cat brooch

Second hand enamel witch on broomstick brooch

 Cat on pumpkin - new brooch

I have had various comments from just admiration at the brooches to "Are you a witch" said with all seriousness.
To my daughter who found it strange that I would want to buy a brooch to wear for a few weeks each year. 

There are many Halloween themed jewellery available - from vintage to second hand. The most renowned maker for availability here in the UK is JJ or "The Jonette Jewelry Company" that have produced whimsical designs from 1935 up until recently. So sorry but you will only find black and Gothic vintage jewellery for sale only on our website

The last one of a cat has reminded me to show the latest photograph of Marla. Who in my last blog had her teeth removed. She is still left with the 4 front ones and very back teeth. Which she had polished and cleaned.
She was asleep when I went to take this but woke and is eying me suspiciously!!

So have a happy Halloween

From the Weaver Family and from Ufton - who did not want to get dressed up and have his photograph taken. That was until I balanced a biscuit on the table!!  

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