Tuesday 19 October 2010

Jewellery for Autumn and the fall

The sun is still shinning - here in Solihull in the UK. But colder Autumn and fall weather is suppose to be on the way!
Leaves are falling and nature is preparing for the winter. Think this one will be bad as the bushes have been heavy with berries and quite early this year!

So here's some vintage jewellery to wear over the next few months.

Yes nearly conker time again. Great fun as a child throwing up sticks in the local park to bring the conkers down. Hear that some areas have banned this due to health and safety!! But you soon learn that if you throw a stick straight up and then stand under it. Both stick and a load of conkers hit you on the head!!

Collect fir cones over the year and store for Christmas, either glue some glitter on or spray silver or gold. They are great for adding to floral arrangements as Christmas decorations.

Another childhood memory was throwing up the seeds in their case from the sycamore or maple tree. they acted like helicopters and whirled back to earth. Used to see who could throw the highest.

Have to say that Exquisite made some great leaf brooches that are not made today. that are ideal for Autumn wear
And last but not least some Autumn beads for craft projects

Now off to take a few photographs while the weather lasts.......

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