Monday 4 October 2010

Jewellery Glossary Part - F

Its fast approaching our daughter's eighteenth birthday and hope to get out shopping this week for lots of birthday goodies. Where have the years gone to, my baby all grown up!
Have still a lot of plants to bring in before the frosts start but what with the rain and having flu, they are still in the garden. Though they have grown and not sure where to put two large banana plants this year! Lost my banana in the garden last year so of course had to buy 2 to replace it.    

So to part F of the jewellery glossary

Facet - One of the flat polished faces of a cut stone

Antique earrings

Faceted - A stone that is cut with flat surfaces and polished that catch the light. The amber and clear brooch below has beautiful faceted stones that show that they reflect light and sparkle.

Fede-Rings - Those which bear two hands clasped in troth
Ferronniere - Chain encircling the forehead and held by a jewel in the middle
Fibula - A brooch or clasp, still used in Celtic jewellery
Filigree - Lace like accessory which is made of fine wire

Fire-Opal - A rich red-orange coloured opal

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