Sunday 26 September 2010

24Th Wedding Anniversary

Most people get a bunch of flowers and a card for their anniversary from hubby. This year he gave me the flu! Have had a long weekend off together and he has been really ill - must have been for our teenage son to notice!! Now I feel achy and the start of a cold coming - the joy!!

The weather was glorious 24 years ago, looking back to the many memories of friends and family who unfortunately are no longer with us today. My only regret would be that I did not keep a diary (memory not as it should be) and took loads of photographs over the years. Especially of my teenage years and early twenties. Yes I did wear a mini dress - lets face it most of us did, but it does not stop her father looking at our daughter's attire and saying is that a t-shirt or what! go and put some clothes on! My daughter takes so many photographs at every opportunity and  makes collages of photographs in books with messages or frames for friends birthdays.
I like the idea of keeping a scrap book to record our family history but so far have just brought a scrap book. Just need to start - something for my children and hopefully grandchildren at some point in the future.

So for my anniversary here are a few pieces of floral and wedding jewellery

Something blue for luck vintage brooch

Vintage costume jewellery pearl earrings

 Antique rhinestone earrings

Silver red rose pendant necklace

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  1. Catching the flu may be a blessing in disguise because you got to spend full time with him. Haha. Congratulations on hitting the 24th anniversary! Lovely jewelries. :)


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