Thursday 9 September 2010

Sarah Coventry Brochure 1976 Dating information Part 5

A quick part 5 from the Spring 1976 Sarah Coventry brochure and update. This includes the tinsel twist pin and the beau time choker. Ideal to hep dating this time period now vintage jewellery of the mid seventies. So read on and see this fifth edition in our Sarah coventry series.

Page 18

A = Tinsel twist pin
B = Tinsel twist earrings
C = loop L Loop earrings in gold tone and silver tone
D = Golden Swirl ring
E = Golden Swirl earrings (pierced)
Golden Swirl bracelet

Page 19

A = Credo Cross 24"
B = Encounter pendant 21"
C = Autumn Splendor pin
D = Autumn Splendor earrings

Page 20

A = Beau Time choker 16" adjustable
B = Star Attraction bracelet
C = Flattery earrings gold tone
Silver tone - not shown

Page 21


A = Satin Glo earrings (pierced)
B = Satin Glo necklace 14 - 16" adjustable
C = Trapeze necklace 16 - 18 " adjustable
D = Night Time necklace 15 - 17" adjustable
E = Night Garden earrings
F = Night Garden earrings (pierced)

Sarah Coventry vintage jewellery

Pinwheel earrings

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