Tuesday 14 September 2010

Online safety when buying old jewellery

With the count down to Christmas just started. Today thought I would have a quick look at online safety when buying old jewellery - In fact any type of online purchase. Here's what rules I follow to make sure that I buy safely online

Computer care

Safety starts with the computer you are using.

Make sure that you have anti virus software installed and that it is set to run regularly and updates. In fact I would suggest it should be activated daily.

Make sure that your firewall is switched on

For extra protection have anti - spyware installed and again use regular.   

If using a public computer ensure that all your information is deleted at the end of your session. Go into tools on the top of the web page to clear all data. Do not save any information if asked when browsing.


We receive hundreds of emails a day. A few of those are from scammers. I delete straight away those that tell me that I have won the lottery, have inherited a large sum of money or a bank want my details from a link in that email.

Online buying safety

With more and more people buying on the internet there will always be a huge choice available to you. Both from large established stores and smaller outlets.

With any website I look at the "About us" page. I want to see details of the company, not that they are the greatest, sell worldwide or have special offers but about who they really are. A bit about where they are based, an address, phone contact and email details. Not just a page with a form to contact - that does not tell me anything and if I need to contact them other than via email I can not. If you are not sure then contact the company and ask for more information and telephone/address details.

If I want further information I will undertake a search across the internet and look for information about the company. 

When making a purchase, check the form that takes any card details - it should be secure connection that sends information encrypted so that it can not be used by thieves 
On the search bar at the top of the page where the web address is there will be either a padlock symbol or the address starts with "HTTPS" This means the connection is secure.

When you have purchased an item and the page shows an order number. Either print this out or save. Normally a company will send an email to you that says that the order has been confirmed and that it has been dispatched. If you do not get either, then you have the date, time and order number to email or phone the company with to check your order status.

For further information see online safety

Now back to a few photographs of jewellery that we have for sale

 Vintage Sailing Ship Brooch

  Antique Agate brooch

Vintage tie clip mens jewellery

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