Saturday 18 September 2010

50th Birthday Celebrations

It was my 50Th birthday last week. When I was just a mere 21 year old I never thought I would be this age. Now I am I still feel 21!!

Received lots of lovely cards, presents and flowers. My daughter decorated the living room so that I came down to banners, photographs, glitter and lots of balloons. Our very large dog has the knack of walking through the room without bursting any - how he manages this I don't know.

 This card was sent by my son - a deliberate age chosen - I thanked him!!

Most of the family and friends that I know who are also the same age say they dread this half a century mark. But I didn't, just have a wish to see another half a century and reach the age of a hundred.

Upper card made by my daughter with an eighties photograph but the one below is closer

Getting away from vintage jewellery and vintage glass beads, this week I managed to make two apple pies. Apples from my moms garden trees, Brambly I think. Also made several batches of tomato sauce for pasta and pizza using the red tomatoes from the garden. Now want to make chutney from the yellow tomatoes, because didn't have that many green ones left! Finding ways to get round not being able to stand or use arms for very long. Now if I could just get rid of this awful exhaustion when I do too much - then I will be happier.

Sad I know to take photographs of pies but it is the first time in 4 years I have managed to bake!

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