Friday 20 August 2010

Asiana Wedding Magazine

A couple of months ago we were approached by the Asiana Magazine to use some of our vintage jewellery in their photo shoot for their Autumn edition.

The Autumn edition is now out and even if you do not intend to get married - please take a look it is very inspiring

The beautiful wedding dresses that are on show in such vibrant colours with some sparkling jewellery appeals to my closeted fashion taste. The use of jewellery is so imaginative, wearing more than one necklace, use of single earrings and vintage pearl necklaces as hair ornaments.

I could not find a tiara many moons ago, when I got married. In the eighties the only tiaras and head pieces was in silver or gold. I as usual wanted something that was not available - a mother of pearl one. In the end (a week before the wedding) I sat down with an old mother of pearl bead necklace, MOP sequins, white ribbon and some garden wire and made one. Unfortunately the wedding photographs are not close enough to see it fully.


The models in the magazine are also stunning, both male and female. (One of their models in the last edition taught my daughter and son to drive. He was excellent as a driving instructor).


Photographs from Asiana magazine Autumn 2010.
1980s wedding photograph Flairs Photographs

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