Wednesday 4 August 2010

How to type the copy right symbol when describing vintage jewellery

How to type the copyright symbol when describing vintage jewellery.

My biggest achievement this week (and I know its a bit sad) is to find out how to type the copy right symbol
Have wanted to know this every time we describe a piece of vintage jewellery. But it is one of those things that your always going to find out but never quite get round to....

So here is how to:
  • press the Ctrl and Alt buttons down at the same time
  • press c
  • take you one finger of the CTRL button and type in the right side numbers 0169
  • make sure its the right hand side numbers as it does not work with the numbers along the top
  • take your finger of the Alt key and the © appears
 Magical and yes small thing please and all that LOL

Our most unusual piece of jewellery added this week is this pre owned brooch of a Colt revolver

Diamante and dark silver gun brooch

I think we have added about another 15 vintage brooches this week. Now just need the weather to improve to photograph more jewellery.............

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