Friday 6 August 2010

Sarah Coventry's Brochure 1976 Part 4

So back to dating vintage jewellery by Sarah Coventry with the 1976 spring brochure and here is part 2. Here is the next 4 pages. The photographs should enlarge when clicked on.

Page 16

A - Golden Sunset Earrings for pierced ears
B - Victoria Blue Ring
C - Victoria Blue Pendant
D - Golden Sunset Pendant 21"
E - Victoria Blue Necklace 44"
F - Secret Love Locket Bracelet (with its new designed adjustable clasp)

Page 17

A - Cameo fashions necklace (24" and 30" chains)
B - Flutter Byes Necklace (20" & 33" - 53" overall)

Page 18

A - Tinsel Twist Pin
B - Tinsel Twist Earrings
C - Loop - La - Loop Earrings (gold tone & silver tone)
D - Gold Swirls ring
E - Golden Swirls Earrings (pierced)
F - Golden swirls bracelet

Page 19

A - Credo Cross 24"
B - Encounter Pendant 21"
C - Autumn Splendor pin
D - Autumn Splendor earrings

Big Pinwheel vintage brooch. Soon to be listed the matching vintage Big pinwheel clip earrings

 To be listed shortly also this gorgeous brooch from Sarah Coventry called Blue Lagoon (early to late 1960s)

This Blue Lagoon brooch was actually made by DeLizza and Elster but along with the other companies that D & E made for. The brooch is signed Sarah Coventry. Matching clip earrings can still be found.  


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