Saturday 28 August 2010

Jewels and Finery Craft Now online

Just a quick update

Jewels and Finery Craft is now online with a payment gateway (At Last) Sorry this has now been discontinued as too time consuming for the monetary return.

Took a lot longer than expected. Now we will start to add lots of vintage beads, buttons and craft supplies.

We did start to add a few weeks ago, but found that some people were trying to buy things as Google was indexing them. However they were not contacting us to pay and so made the decision to wait for the main payment gateway first.

We will be adding Paypal at some point also. Google checkout is already working.

Just a few of the items we will have for sale soon

Replacement pins for brooches

Craft books that are used and maybe out of print

Vintage buckles

Vintage glass foiled beads

Vintage buttons


  1. Hi Sue!
    I have given you a mention and a back link on my blog today. SueXXX

  2. Thank you Sue and for cheering me up today. All the best


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