Saturday 19 September 2020

Unsigned beauties found jewellery

Why are unsigned jewellery beauties important?

Unsigned beauties in jewellery, I come across quite often. Many are well-made and are high quality jewellery that have a really fantastic style and are very beautiful to wear. But appear to be unsigned and I do not have any idea who made it.

Indian jewellery set unsigned

Indian jewellery set unsigned necklace

Indian jewellery set unsigned necklace and earrings

Indian jewellery set unsigned back view

I spend some time analysing the piece, to see if I can attribute the way it is made to a specific company or jewellery designer. Certain construction in the parts can pinpoint to a company. For example D & G have puddling at the back of some jewellery. Or maybe I spend time with a lens looking at the back or sides and all in the hope I will find that elusive hidden mark - that I might have missed the first time I took a look. So that it may pinpoint who made it. But it may still it remains a mysterious unsigned beauty after all my endeavour
As a seller of vintage it makes a different in the price I sell it at. If I can attribute a piece of jewellery to a specific designer. It may be an unsigned Selro bracelet, an early Trifari piece. Maybe a Miriam Haskell brooch or a D & E earrings beauty? All command a higher price over something that is unsigned and a mystery. It also makes it so much easier to list and research its actual age. Sometimes it is even possible to find the piece’s name.

But many pieces remain just unsigned beauties. They could have been produced by the many companies that made designer. But have been made under their own name and unbranded. Then sold to a store or smaller shop for re-sale. Delightful but always to remain in the shadows but treasured for what it is. Below is an unsigned Art Deco bracelet and necklace. 
 look as I may. Many items of jewellery I come across will always remain elusive. Their provenance lost in time and memory. But I never give up hope. Storing the image and information to memory in the hope that one day the puzzle will be solved.

Art Deco bracelet unsigned in silver

pottery beads in peach necklace
A double stranded vintage bead necklace in a pretty coral pink colour. Unsigned and definitely a vintage beauty.
yellow bead vintage necklace

Pretty and unmarked vintage yellow bead necklace. The beads are in early plastic and graduate in size. Rich colours despite its age.

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